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Galatea is Lucy's favorite VRMMO; a fantasy world of magic and adventure that's provided an escape for her ever since launch. Inside she's Phaedra, a swashbuckling swordmaster who can take down any enemy with her trusty rapier. Today is the launch of the exclusive beta for the next expansion, and she's psyched to see what elite new class she'll be assigned to test out, but the update is conflicting with some 'unsanctioned' mods she forgot to uninstall. Now the game doesn't think she's a player anymore... because her new class is 'legendary monster'. As the monster's instincts and needs slowly overwrite hers and trap her in a body the other players don't recognize, she's starting to realize that maybe it isn't so bad after all...

If you've ever wanted an Isekai where the protagonist becomes inhuman and extremely leans in, this is the story for you. It contains monster transformation with an emphasis on mental change, fem solo and group (w/ monster) adult content, and contagious TF via contact. We tried to balance heavy themes with a light ending, for folks who like that!

37 pages

8.6k words (written by Abe E Seedy)

9 story illustrations + cover + title + 3 pages of bonus art (illustrated by me)

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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TL;DR: Niche smut? Yes. Good niche smut? Yes!

The product description is perfectly accurate, so if it sounds like your sort of thing, it's easy to recommend; it's not simply 'good' in some abstract sense, but well-crafted and executed, with solid writing and featuring Angrboda's typically excellent artwork.

If it doesn't sound like it'd appeal to your particular set of kinks, it may well not work for you. But by the standards of niche smut, I'd rate it as 'mostly fluffy and harmless', so it probably won't scar your psyche the way some kinky things might. There's a place in the world for those, but this particular instance is a safe(-er?) entry point for the curious.