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Something about being human never felt entirely right to Katherine. For as long as she can remember, what she's wanted more than anything is to be someone a little more... feline. What makes the difference between daydream and reality for Kate is that her dad happens to be a genius geneticist who is devoted to making her fantasy completely real. Today is her 18th birthday, and waiting on her desk is the vial - it's time for her to choose her future.

This anthology contains:

• A loving remaster / update to one of my oldest comics, with all new art and writing. 9 pages of solo catgirl TF (nudity, no sex)

• A magazine-style interview with Kate several years post-TF. Contains art and some insights into life as a catgirl in a quickly changing world.

• A lightly illustrated short story (5000 words) focusing on her interactions with a subject of IGR's human trials. He just happens to be her high school sweetheart... and she just happens to be in heat. Nudity, m/f sex, and male TF.

• Five pages of bonus illustrations and concept art, including a full page full color finished pinup

I put an awful lot of work into this one so I hope you all dig it!

Also wanted to give tons of thanks to Abe (https://abe-e-seedy.itch.io/) and Kotep (https://kotep.itch.io/) for proofreading and editing!

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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This has always been one of my favorite tf comics, PERIOD, and the remaster is a wonderful update. The comic, like, *moves* me because you've captured perfectly, even down to the Kate-as-a-young-girl backstory, the kind of things I've gone through and WANTED to go through.  The additions are icing on the cake, but what great icing! And what a great cake! LOVE IT.