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Something about being human never felt entirely right to Katherine. For as long as she can remember, what she's wanted more than anything is to be someone a little more... feline. What makes the difference between daydream and reality for Kate is that her dad happens to be a genius geneticist who is devoted to making her fantasy completely real. Today is her 18th birthday, and waiting on her desk is the vial - it's time for her to choose her future.

This anthology contains:

• A loving remaster / update to one of my oldest comics, with all new art and writing. 9 pages of solo catgirl TF (nudity, no sex)

• A magazine-style interview with Kate several years post-TF. Contains art and some insights into life as a catgirl in a quickly changing world.

• A lightly illustrated short story (5000 words) focusing on her interactions with a subject of IGR's human trials. He just happens to be her high school sweetheart... and she just happens to be in heat. Nudity, m/f sex, and male TF.

• Five pages of bonus illustrations and concept art, including a full page full color finished pinup

I put an awful lot of work into this one so I hope you all dig it!

Also wanted to give tons of thanks to Abe (https://abe-e-seedy.itch.io/) and Kotep (https://kotep.itch.io/) for proofreading and editing!

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I love this so much! The original is one of the factors that led me to discover my identity as a therian, so this remake is awesome to see. Very relatable and moving, even. We've both grown up, too, so it's great to see what she's up to now. Put me on the waitlist for SPLT applicants! ❤️

I got this a while ago and just to confirm, the update is adding the cover to THIS page, on itch.io, and there isn't anything new in the comic itself right? Downloaded again but looks the same as the previous version I got years ago.

Yep, I just added the cover to this page as a screenshot. Sorry for the confusion!

Just wanted to be sure, still a great comic+story and probably one of my favorites

This has always been one of my favorite tf comics, PERIOD, and the remaster is a wonderful update. The comic, like, *moves* me because you've captured perfectly, even down to the Kate-as-a-young-girl backstory, the kind of things I've gone through and WANTED to go through.  The additions are icing on the cake, but what great icing! And what a great cake! LOVE IT.